What is the Most Influential Job in the World?

Different people answer in different ways, but the most exciting and impressive job without a doubt is recruiting!

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There is some real excitement because every day the recruiter is in fierce competition, attracting the best talent, and fortunately, within 90 days, you can see for sure if you have won the fight. A recruiter’s contribution can be measured in two ways: first, you can literally change a person’s life by helping them find their dream job, and second, you can actually change direction and impact the company’s success with one new top-notch employee in a key role.

Therefore, if you are a student who is ready to choose a profession, or you are just considering the possibility of changing your professional activity, then let’s have a look at a list of reasons why you should choose such a profession as a recruiter.

The reasons should be divided into 3 different factors of:

  • influence;
  • passion;
  • career.


  1. You literally change people’s lives
  2. Few events in life have such a huge impact on a person and his family, such as getting married or buying a new house and… a great new job or losing it. With this overwhelming influence, most recruiters find it easy to maintain high levels of passion and commitment to excellence. Plus, even though it’s impossible to hire everyone, a recruiter can definitely help improve each candidate’s chances by uncovering their hidden abilities, answering their questions, and providing useful information. Candidates calm down and feel comfortable and ready for the next round of approvals. Recruiters can even influence those who have not approached the vacancy this time, informing them about the best direction to develop in order to have a better chance of approaching the vacancy next time.

  3. For influence
  4. The study showed that in terms of the impact on profit and revenue, recruiting was in the first place for the business of all HR functions. Everything is the same here as in sports, the difference is obvious when the organization hires a first-class specialist. The new product will enter the market faster and the project will be completed on time. This is due to the fact that you will not let ineffective employees become an obstacle to the success of your business. In some cases, one new employee you bring to a company can create most of the innovations and new products that are worth millions. If you have a good skill set, you can fine-tune your own recruiting methods to successfully match the various high-value employees and innovators.

  5. Employees and managers will be grateful to you
  6. With the number of vacancies successfully filled, a growing number of employees are grateful for their help. Hiring executives is also rewarding because you help improve team productivity by finding the best talent. As a result, most recruiting professionals have a huge number of grateful employees and managers who will be able to do some kind of favour in return or will be happy to offer their help in recruiting additional new specialists.

  7. Introducing
  8. In some organizations, recruiting specialists have high demands, a concentration on tactical tasks, which leads to the fact that they simply do not have time to take the initiative. But if you personally find the time to study, create new recruiting technologies, approaches to assessment, you may be given the opportunity to develop them, even if you are not yet senior in position.


  1. Competition
  2. If you are a competitive recruiter, you will realize that filling every position is a tough competition and exciting. Every time you compete with recruiters who represent influential companies like Google, Apple and IBM. Many hiring managers find the process of convincing the best candidates who are looking at multiple job offers at the same time to choose their company as fun as identifying the hidden talents of candidates. Globalization in corporate recruiting challenges and adds excitement.

  3. The winner
  4. Unlike many fields, the selection of specialists for a specific vacancy has a clear starting and ending point. After the top candidate has made his choice, there is still some uncertainty about who won the competition. It doesn’t take you long to figure out if you’ve won, because in most cases, you will find out within 90 days. And even if you lose in this competition, it won’t take long to get back into the game, because almost immediately there will be another opportunity to participate in the competition.

  5. To meet the best ones
  6. If you enjoy meeting and interacting with gambling people, recruiting will allow you to meet and get to know hundreds of outstanding people and innovators every month. In many cases, you get to know these people deeply enough, because it is necessary to fully understand his needs, and to successfully present him to the manager.

  7. Making friends
  8. Most people look for a new job several times in their lives, almost everyone understands how valuable it is to stay in touch with a recruiter. As a result, many people you meet will want to maintain relationships, both personal and business, with the hope that someday you will help find a job. They will also hope that sometimes you can help write a resume or find a job. And since constantly looking for new talent and building your network of contacts is part of your job, the time spent building professional connections is considered a worker.

  9. Challenging tasks
  10. Filling each vacancy is a real test, besides, the work of most recruiting specialists is supervised. This usually means guidance from your HR manager, but rarely requires you to follow a strict regime. Therefore, most recruiters have a high level of freedom to distribute themselves “what and when” to do on a daily basis, since the result is expected from the recruiter. In many cases, remote and contract work is possible. In most cases, your degree of independence will grow along with the excellent results you bring to the company.

  11. Recruitment tools
  12. If you enjoy continuous learning, recruiting should suit your taste, because it is arguably the fastest-changing HR field. Because of the rapid pace of change, you will be constantly learning how to use new technologies and new approaches. This is partly because you simply cannot successfully recruit staff without using the modern methods that your top candidates already know. As a recruiter, you can’t stand still, but you also won’t want to, because you will find new approaches to your search to be a consummate and engaged employee. And fortunately, you won’t have to go back to school to update your recruiting knowledge, because the best recruiters learn constantly, but informally, through social media and the Internet.


  1. Low requirements for entering the profession
  2. It is not difficult to start working as a recruiter, because there are no strict requirements for education and academic degree. Different recruiters come to the profession with completely different previous work experience, because the main thing when selecting a candidate for a recruiter position is his skills. If you have the right skills, you will be able to find a job relatively quickly, “sell yourself” on your resume and during interviews with your HR manager. For recent graduates, it is easier to start working in the department for work with educational institutions, to attract students. Graduates know how students look for work, and they also understand the expectations of these candidates and feel sympathy for them.

  3. Opportunities

    As in any profession, salaries vary from company to company and region to region, but the average salary for an average corporate recruiter is around $70,000 per year, and technical recruiting professionals can earn much more. Corporate recruiters are often paid well, around $100 an hour, and external direct search specialists can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. In addition, recruiters are needed in all industries, so when you search, you have a better chance of finding an interesting job.

  4. Fast career growth
  5. Despite the fact that recruiting is a very exciting job, many HR professionals prefer more predictable functionality: training, personnel development, organizational development. As a result of these preferences, recruiting has a good end-to-end rate. Therefore, if you stick to the recruiting direction as a professional, you will need less career time to become a leader than in other HR areas.

  6. Skills
  7. Your knowledge of the intricacies of the job search process virtually guarantees that if you need to look for a new job as a recruiter or in another field, you will have a great resume, extensive contacts, exceptional job search skills. You will be assured of success. These skills will also come in handy if you become a HR director in the future.

  8. It’s easier
  9. If you are fortunate enough to work for a top company with a good employer brand like Google or P&G, then you will be faced with a powerful stream of candidates, and the recruiting process will be mostly a dropout process. If the company has a program for selecting and evaluating candidates, then it turns out that your employees will do about half of the work for you. In addition, in top companies, the recruitment process is so improved that it will lead to the success of specialists even with little experience.

    In some organizations, the requirements can be very stringent during the growth period, but you can measure this factor before you sign the contract. If you still doubt why you want to be a recruiter, you can meet the best recruiters at a conference. One has only to chat with top recruiters, and you will realize that almost all of them are the friendliest, involved, intelligent and progressive people you will ever meet.