Dan Marginoni

South Central Region

1-800-659-1522, Ext. 2216

Cell:  Not Available 

[email protected]

Dan Marignoni (pronounced Margoni) is a National Nurse Specialist at Sunbelt Staffing. He holds a Bachelors degree from Ohio State University and has worked at the Medical Center on campus.

Dan brings a solid background of sales and travel experience to Sunbelt Staffing. He has worked extensively in the travel industry and has had the opportunity to experience first hand many of the areas that Sunbelt currently has outstanding nursing opportunities in and around.

You will find Dan to be a personable individual who LISTENS to you! He will take the TIME to find your needs and to match you with an opportunity that will surely make your experience with Sunbelt Staffing the best you have ever had. Give Dan a call….you will appreciate the difference right away!