43,680 hours of work and A Dream Come True at SourceCon 2018

43,680 hours of recruiting and sourcing has given me a chance to stand up on stage at the premier Sourcing conference in the world and share some of my experiences with my peers.  This is a dream come true and I don’t take it for granted one bit.


SourceCon 2018 in Las Vegas.  700 professional Sourcers all in one place.

Sourcing is a difficult occupation to explain to friends and family (I’m still not 100% sure my Mom knows what I do), and that is what makes spending three days with 700 other people who do what you do so special.

If you are not a Sourcer, think of it like Spock getting a three-day weekend pass to his home planet Vulcan. Everyone just gets it.



Larry Hernandez and Mar Mapes at SourceCon Vegas 2018



Pros and Cons of speaking at the end of a three-day conference.

Knowing that I was going to be up on stage speaking at some point, altered my conference experience.

Just like in poker, going last has the advantage of getting to see what everyone else does before you are up. I even found myself running parts of my presentation to complete strangers to gauge their questions and feedback and ended up rewriting most of my presentation the night before I was up to speak.


It’s the difference between enjoying your favorite band perform live versus trying to memorize all the lyrics and their meaning because you are going to be asked to go up on stage in front of the band you love and all the diehard fans (like you), right after the show to give a 45 minute review of the new album. Yes, I was a tad more preoccupied and less social than usual.  You may notice, or more appropriately, not notice me in many of the after hours pics.  That’s because I skipped the open bars and networking to get home early and be rested for the next day. Sure it kinda sucked to miss out on meeting new people, but this was not my first rodeo as they say. Getting as much content as possible from the conference was my number one goal, and that’s hard to do when you are exhausted from the night before.

My Topic: Reversing the sourcing engine | Inbound Sourcing. 

Applying the core strategy and tactics of Inbound Marketing has been a labor of love two years in the making and still needs more work.

Inbound is one of those topics that at first sounds so simple until you are the one that needs to implement it.

Presentation Game Plan

The audience for my presentation was intended for individual contributors that are fairly new to sourcing. So, my goal was to spend most of my time up on stage making sure the problem inbound solves was very clear to everyone.

Wowing an audience with new software tools and concepts of what could be is very tempting. I mean, who wants to get up on stage and discuss fundamentals? Not me.

But in order to get someone to change the way they approach sourcing in 45 minutes is tough.

So my game plan was to try my best and get agreement from the audience that the current way we recruit and source for “hard to fill” roles that are core to our companies business is not effective nor sustainable at scale.

Once I get a consensus from the attendees on the problem,  I can introduce an alternative, inbound marketing for recruiting, or “Inbound Sourcing”.

2018 SourceCon Conference Info:

http://vegas.sourcecon.com/agenda/Agenda – Sourcecon Spring 2018




http://vegas.sourcecon.com/speakers/Speakers – Sourcecon Spring 2018 2018 Speakers List for SourceCon.




Embedded Presentation link to my slides (hopes this works).


 A Video College of sorts from SourceCon 2018 in Vegas thanks to Shannon and the SourceCon Team.

SourceCon Las Vegas 2018 – YouTube


See You Next Time and Thank You SourceCon!

Until next time SourceCon, and if you are on the fence on whether you should attend, let me be one of the first to tell you that if you are one of the few views the work we do, as a calling and a profession, it is a must-attend conference.

A sincere “thank you” goes out to Shannon Pritchett and the SourceCon team for giving me the opportunity to be apart this really special event.




Thanks, SourceCon Team (Steve Levy did the hard work of posting his list on the SourceCon FB Group).

Stay Classy SourceCon Vegas 2018






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