2018 – Sourcing For Culture Fit – A Free Webinar by RecruiterLarry

Topics Covered in this Webinar:


1. What is Culture?

We could spend hours on this topic.  For the purpose of this webinar, we will only spend a few minutes on this topic to help give some context to the tactics and tools we use later on in the webinar.


2. Defining Your Companies Culture (The Real One)

3.  What is the right team fit?

4. Take a quick inventory of the current team.

5. Helpful Tools to start identifying Culture and Fit.

6. Testing and optimizing your results.

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You are invited: Sourcing for Culture Fit.  Thursday, January 11th, a Webinar by Larry Hernandez and RecruiterDNA.

Those of you who are sourcers and recruiters know that it has never been easier to find potential candidates based on keywords. There was a time when that wasn’t the case, but that is no longer the case. It’s not even that hard now to find their email out email addresses and their phone numbers and, and find them on facebook. So what this is about is sourcing for culture and team fit. Some companies that I’ve been, I’ve had the opportunity to work for all valued their culture like: USAA, Rackspace, Zappos, ThoughtWorks. They were all had a unique culture, but that was usually the, um, the wall that, that sourcers hit. We could find people that matched the skills, but when it came to the onsite, they weren’t a culture fit. So, um, in, in my obsession with trying to be, be better at what we do, um, I came across a book called the goal, and it was about, um, you find it’s mostly about supply chain management and logistics.

 If you find the bottleneck, right, whatever is stopping you and you move that to the head of the process, it speeds everything up. Um, so I thought if culture fit is the issue or team fit is the issue, how can we get that and move it all the way up in the process. So in other words, how can we source for culture? And so I would like to share with you some of the tools and mix and match of tools that I use and hopefully, um, it will help you do a better job at bringing on people that not only matched those hard skills but are after that initial phone screen and an onset, they’re going to be like, wow, we love this person at this thing as gel with the team and all their values or our on targets. Anyway, sign up and I’ll talk to you next week.

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