Recruiters Are Marketers – Convert More!

Start Thinking Like a Marketer


My journey up the funnel continues;  from recruiter to sourcer, and from sourcer to recruitment marketer. Here are some lessons learned.

If every recruiter and recruiting manager started their online business,  even a small one, they would quickly learn a few things (hopefully). Here is what I have learned the last two years with my online recruiting business.

  1. The money is in the list! Yes, email marketing is still the #1 way to make money with online ventures.
  2. It’s very hard to get people to give you their email address and grow your list. So when you get it – treat emails like gold.
  3. If you are spending money with online advertising (which you should), never send visitors to your homepage!  Paid ads will eat your budget quick!  Build a web page dedicated to educating and eventually moving prospects thru the buyer journey for your product or service.  We call these pages “landing pages” or “squeeze pages”.
  4. Only about 3% (or less) of the people that visit your site and that are on your list are in the market for what you are selling at the moment.  So create a lead nurturing campaign that keeps your list engaged over time.  This process needs to be automated.
  5. You are not a professional marketer. What looks and sounds good to you is probably not going to sell.  So test every subject line, every email, every pic, every web page, etc; and optimize messages for conversion.

Now that I have saved your about $10,000 and a ton of frustration,  how can we use this knowledge to become better at what we do?  Watch the video.