Check your Strings before they Strangle you!

Check your strings before they strangle you!

“Larry, legal wants to have a little chat with you about our nonsolicitation list and some emails that went out..”.  Well, that only has to happen a few times before you start building search strings that will keep this from happening.  -(“company name”, “2nd Co name”, another, “another one”) and selecting “Current” in the drop-down in the “Companies” section in the advanced search section will usually do the trick in LinkedIn Recruiter.





One of the nice features of the New LinkedIn Recruiter product is the Custome Filters feature that enables users to build a nice list of companies to keep out of any searches and save it for future searches.  Of course, you can use these filters for other reasons: diversity sourcing, military sourcing, and building target lists).  Kind of like set it and forget it.


The New LinkedIn Recruiter Filters







Unfortunately, the “Companies” field in not able to exclude any companies at this time according to LinkedIn Support. This is not the end of the world for savvy sourcers who prefer to x-ray Linkedin using their favorite search, but for those companies who are paying a for LI Recruiter seats, this kind of sucks.


What does mean?

Currently, you can not enter a filter in LinkedIn Recruiter that will keep certain companies (like current employees) from showing up in your search results.

Check your strings before they strangle you! I’ll post an update once the issue has been resolved.