Which Recruiters get “Let Go” in a TechBubble? And What to Do About It!





It’s easy to replace someone who spends most of  their time doing “busy work” and “tasks”. But painfully expensive and time-consuming to replace a strong professional who solves problems and has a powerful following (your talent tribe) . You rarely hear things like: “…we’re really going to miss her,  she really kept her inbox clean” or “Gees, how are we going to find someone else who hated change and didn’t evolve with the times”.

If you don’t have a strong personal brand, you will not be relevant for much longer.

Change is hard for some people.  But Change always comes!

Recruiters are in the connection business. It’s interesting when recruiters say “I don’t have a pipeline of qualified candidates”, But when asked what they are doing to build an ongoing pipeline of talent, don’t have any answers other than posting a job to a new site.  I guess I can call it job security.  I’m not trying to be mean. I get it, everyone is busy with stuff.

Typical Scenario: 

Q: Are you using Twitter or Facebook? Instagram or Snapchat?

A: I don’t have time to mess around with social media. I need to find candidates!

Result: The same as is was the last five years.

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy!

This reminds me of the old school recruiters who refused to use email and the internet for recruiting. We would actually get in trouble if managers saw us emailing instead of calling.  Yes, I was recruiting before everyone had an email account and internet access.

Each recruiter is a business and has a unique brand!  I know it’s hard for some people to acknowledge this, so let me give you an example:

Q: If your life is on the line and you need to find and choose an attorney to represent you, what would be most important to you? 

A.) The reputation and track record of the law firm.


B.) The reputation and track record of the Attorney representing you?

Q:  If you need a specialist to perform a life-saving procedure on you or a loved one, which of  the following is more important when making a decision? 

A)  The reputation of the Hospital OR the reputation of the Doctor?

Yes, your company brand matters.  But people make relationships with other people, not logos and top ten lists.

The Recruiter of the future is one who takes the time and effort to attract and nurture a targeted pipeline of people, all the time, not just when you need them.

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