How To Turn “Likes” and “Comments” Into Candidates

Turn Likes and Comments into candidates

In the competitive social landscape, a brand (every recruiter has a brand by the way) will be ignored by users (candidates) if it doesn’t work smart. The fact that you have users who like or comment on your post is a big achievement in itself, considering that a growing number of individuals browse the internet passively.

But the likes or comments won’t help much when you just leave them at that. If you are a recruiter and you want to find ways to turn these into your candidates, here are a few suggestions:

Post often

If your audience responds to your posts, in a way, it indicates that they would like to see this kind of content often. Somewhere at the back of their minds, they keep you in the “good stuff” register.

All feeds from brands under the “good stuff” tag are almost always read. That is why sites like Facebook are now asking users to choose pages whose posts they want to appear on top of their newsfeeds.

It’s easy however for a user to either forget about you or start ignoring you. They will forget about you if you don’t post often. On the other hand, if you start posting irrelevant, overly repeated content, you sooner or later end up in the “ignore list”.

Go to the inbox

You need to post relevant content more often!

No, don’t send a message to people who’ve liked your post telling them to join your talent pool. Focus on building relationships first. For instance, start by suggesting other links from which they can get additional information on the topic they liked. If your website has other blogs with related information, include it in the suggestions.

You must take care though to avoid flooding people’s inboxes with messages. At best, send one message to a user and ask them to inform you if they are not interested in receiving more.

Talk more

Elicit discussions either at the end of your posts or inside comments sections. You can do this by posing a question alongside the main post or by replying to a user’s comment.

Follow popular pages and participate in their posts by commenting through your page’s account and sharing their content. Don’t be too concerned with generating direct leads through the other brand’s pages; rather, encourage users to visit your blog and grasp them from there.

Remember that constant presence online is a strong attractant, but the quality of content is what makes an audience stay.

We are all in the publishing business! Don’t get left behind.