Is This Your Face? Impostor Google Recruiter Profiles Found on LinkedIn!

“Wow, everyone is starting to look alike, I better take a break”  I thought while researching technical recruiter profiles on Linkedin this weekend. After some more digging  I realized that someone is publishing bogus LI profiles.

See for yourself, copy and paste this search into the LinkedIn Keyword search: “Lead IT Recruiter | Headhunter | Talent Acquisition at Google”.  I just happened to come across these 92  fake Google Recruiter Profiles, but who knows how many more exist.

Impostor Google Recruier Accounts found on Linkedin.

Fake Google Recruiter Accounts found on Linkedin.

Now you may be thinking,  “Duh, It seems pretty obvious that this is the same guy in all the profiles”,  keep in mind that the fake profiles were arranged this way after the fact to show the obvious similarities.

While actually searching  hundreds of profiles the impostor profiles were only showing up one every third or fourth page so it is possible not to notice.

Impostor Google Recruiter Profiles Found on LinkedIn

Impostor Google Recruiter Profiles Found on LinkedIn

Let’s start documenting any impostor profiles and alerting Linkedin.  The last thing we need is people giving their resume (email, address, phone #’s) to strangers representing themselves as Recruiters from reputable companies.

As a side note, does anyone recognize these people?  We should probably let them know their face has been stolen!

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